With the whole world in front of you, it’s hard to imagine that you will magically find that one place that has magnificent impact on your life. In some cases – and in mine – it was never really to be questioned. It was somehow always in the cards way before I even laid my eyes on it. The title is not only referring to my newly founded blog, but it is (of course) also the first line in the song “New York, New York” by Frank Sinatra. I have chosen that my first real post is going to be about New York – which is to no surprise to the people who know me well (or just know me at all, really). I have been fascinated by the city for as long as I can remember.

The leaves are twirling in the wind like they are dancing to the horns of the machineries. My heart is pumping faster as I know we are approaching the tall sky scrapers filled with people who are trying to replicate their best version of the American Dream. Every neighborhood has their own identification code; the posh, the historical, the financial and the alternative, but it is the energy that they all create in collaboration that is the significance of it. For someone like me, who loves to analyze everything – to give myself time to reflect upon my life, the places I’ve been and the people who’s in it – New York is like a piece of art installation. The combination of the good and the bad places, beautiful and less beautiful buildings, green and greener parks are always analyzable. It’s a piece of art, you can never get tired of. New York City is a holder of the ability to unveil the undiscovered person inside you. It is the energy that clashes with personal talent and drive to one day create something truly amazing. There is a reason why New York has been painted, written and sung about for hundreds of years. The city has that magic ingredient of inspiration and vision. It can turn even the handiest person into a writer or affect the most uncreative soul through lively jazz music and aspiring artists.

You know that feeling, when you know it’s right? We are always told that when we see our wedding dress, we just know that it will accompany us on our walk down the aisle. People fall in love everyday and they feel deep in their heart that he or she is the one. It’s like a sudden lightning of awareness. I’ve had that feeling twice in my life; while acting and while walking the crowded, crooked, sometimes smelly – and most importantly; dazzling streets of New York City. And I soon realized; I’ve never felt so at home, in a city where I have no home. Somehow, the streets, the buildings and the parks felt like my personal map filled with all the possibilities, I can imagine. I soon realized that this place does not only affect me grandly when present, but it keeps my goal clear and my motivation high even when thousands of miles away. It is the best long-distance relationship, I’ve ever had! (And I’ve had a few). The city is known as one of the biggest and most cramped cities in the World, but its talent of adapting to individuality is undiscussable. Isn’t that really what life is about? Is it possible that you can find a place that can make you as satisfied, loved and last but not least; happy, as a human being can? We talk about finding the one being the purpose of life – so in that case; can I marry New York?

6 thoughts on “Start Spreading the News

  1. Well done! I admire the fact that you were able to experience so much in NY after some crazy days in London! Especially because we didn’t sleep at all but just took you straight to the airport from our night out lol. But it was awesome and i would do it again, whenever i pop back to Gem(the nightclub) or Jewelbar here in London i think of you! Good luck out there, i know that you will be able to to whatever you want, simply because, you are you 😉 xx


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