Today, for the first time this year, I saw a man sitting outside in his t-shirt and a pair of jeans. Spring is finally here! I bet you are all thinking that it has been for a while now, but in Denmark we are still battling the fear of sudden soggy snow and our most common weather; rain. Spring is the time a year where we eager for some colorful flowers and rays of sunshine. On our walks through the park we expect to see green grass and pink Japanese cherry trees(might be a little early for that still). People (who’ll probably face a terrible cold the next three weeks) switch their heavy, woolen coats for some fancy, one-layered jackets. Our worn-out boots that are still kind of white and ruined by the street salt have found their way to the the winter storage in our closets and beautiful and elegant sandals (and sneakers) are seen on pedicured feet everywhere.

Spring also means that we change up our wardrobe. Nothing is worse than a boring pair of shoes (guilty- mine are black). I do believe though that shoes possess a crucial power in an outfit. This weeks inspirational photo is a pair of beautiful (and extremely colorful) Christian Louboutin pumps; Chapito Ankle-Strap D’Orsay Pumps. It’s a combination of architecture, different fabrics, many(many) colors – all-in-one a complete statement pair that’ll make those heads turn on your walk down the runway – also called the shopping street.

(P.S. To anyone taking notes, this is to be found on my birthday list as well)

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